Indian / Pakistani Food at ‘Bikki Restaurant’ – Al Khobar

I hadn’t heard about ‘Bikki Restaurant’ in Al Khobar until Amit recommended we try it out for dinner. This restaurant has been in business for many years now and it’s quite popular with the local population who visit to experience South Asian food.

It isn’t easy finding a spot to park and the restaurant was crowded. The menu is quite extensive and they have a daily specials section which makes placing an order easier.

We ordered,

1. Palak Gosht – SR. 25
2. Chicken Sizzler – SR. 33
3. Chicken Dum Masala – SR. 37

We skipped ordering rice and decided to stick with the free roti that is served on request.

The ‘Palak Gosht’ was absolutely delightful. I loved how creamy the palak was and it had hints of what tasted like methi with the meat breaking apart at the slightest touch. It’s an absolute bargain at that price and can serve 2 people.

The ‘Chicken Sizzler’ was honestly not worth it. Their attempt at an Indo-Chinese style sweet & sour base for the chicken just didn’t make the cut and it didn’t have anything else in terms of flavour. The chicken bits were nice but the gravy was a disaster.

The very confusing ‘Chicken Dum’.

I don’t know how to describe the ‘Chicken Dum Masala’. It had small bits of what tasted like capsicum, ginger & garlic which hadn’t really softened giving it a bit of a bite. I really didn’t enjoy those tiny bits and the gravy was slightly on the sweeter side. Squeezing some lemon made it a bit more palatable and I ended up separating and eating the pieces of chicken.

I’m pretty sure they have items on the menu worth ordering and if you know what’s best here, drop a comment and let me know.


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