We had chosen @marinade.restaurant for dining in with friends and to use the entertainer app for the Buy 1 Get 1 free offer. Unfortunately, this experience turned out to be one for the books and I felt it was important to highlight the issues I had.

We were a group of 7 adults with 3 kids and found a suitable table close to the entrance. We were then told that a table could not be occupied by more than 5 people incl. kids. Respecting their Covid protocols, some of us decided to occupy another table close by. Awkward!

The Noodles and Sushi don’t fall under the entertainer offer so we went ahead and order most of the ‘Main Course’ availing 3 coupons in one go (6 dishes for the price of 3).

We ordered,

1. ‘Mongolian Beef’ – SR. 51.75
2. ‘Red Beef Curry’ – SR. 52.90
3. ‘Chicken Cashew’ – SR. 50.60
4. ‘Katsu Green Curry’ – SR. 51.75
5. ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’ – SR. 51.75
6. ‘Miso Chicken’ – SR. 56.35
7. ‘Red Chilli Shrimp’ – SR. 54.05

I’ll start with what you shouldn’t be ordering here.

You are also served a tiny bowl of rice with each of these dishes.

The ‘Red Beef Curry’ was watery, tasteless with the beef tasting a little odd. I must have had 2 spoonful before I decided I didn’t want to risk a bout of diarrhoea.

The ‘Sweet & Sour Chicken’ & ‘Red Chilli Shrimp’ tasted exactly the same with same sweet & sour sauce being used as the base for the dish. He might have gotten the order wrong and served us their ‘Sweet & Sour Shrimp’ instead, who knows. They weren’t palatable either and too sweet for my liking.

The ‘Chicken Cashew’ was decent with the cashews adding a bit of a crunch. I wouldn’t recommend ordering this either and you could instead go for one of the items below.

The ‘Mongolian Beef’ had thinly sliced beef that had been cooked well and went quite well with the rice. The light charring adds a lot of flavour and this happened to be what the @shareeka23 ordered.

‘Katsu Green Curry’

The ‘Katsu Green Curry’ too was quite nice though a little soupy but still retaining some of that flavour. Pairs well with the sticky rice.

The ‘Miso Chicken’ was outstanding. The chicken was moist and grilled to perfection and served on a paste of what tasted like miso and wasabi, but very subtle.

Have you visited @marinade.restaurant before and what did you order?

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/mCudomzexMQ4n9jT7

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