Seafood Extravaganza at ‘Aish-O-Samach’ – Qatif

Seafood Extravaganza at ‘Aish-O-Samach’ – Qatif

It was my good friend and IISD classmate @litznraymon who recommended I try @aishosamachsea in March 2018 (It took that long) and it finally happened in 2021. Located in Qatif, this restaurant serves grilled and baked fish, Sushi and all good things FOOD. The menu is extensive and can make it harder to decide and features different methods of preparation to suit your requirements.

‘Plain Rice with Butter’

After much thought we decided to order,

1. ‘Dynamite Shrimp Rolls’ – SR. 60 (8 pc)
2. ‘Wood Baked Salmon’ – SR. 36
3. ‘AOS Special Oven Baked Snapper’ – SR. 60
4. ‘Ebi Furai Crunchy Roll’ – SR. 23 (4 pc)
5. ‘Wildfire Salmon Roll’ – SR. 22 (4 pc)
6. ‘Plain Rice’ – SR. 11 (Medium)

First to arrive were the Sushi’s (‘Dynamite Shrimp’, ‘Wildfire Salmon’ & ‘Ebi Furai Crunchy’). I’ll be honest, these were exceptional and an absolute bargain in terms of flavour and size. This was @shareeka23 first time trying this and she found the ‘Wildfire Salmon’ to be a little too fishy for her liking. I loved how balanced they were and it gets even better when paired with soy and wasabi.

The ‘Dynamite Shrimp rolls’ is huge and comes decked with a saucy shrimp on top and the missus polished off at least 5 before I got my hands on it.

‘Ebi Furai Crunchy Roll’

The ‘Ebi Furai Crunchy Roll’ is basically deep fried shrimp with crispy bits of batter served as a sushi and that too was absolutely mouth-watering. This is the place to try some amazing sushi at decent prices!

The ‘Wood Baked Salmon’ came oven cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf with a spicy masala jus that was a great accompaniment with the plain rice that we had ordered. It packs a bit of heat but isn’t too spicy. I loved the flaky salmon and this is something the wife enjoyed too. Don’t be afraid to add the melted butter they serve with the rice to enhance the flavour.

The ‘Oven Baked Snapper’ wasn’t the best and the only reason I felt that was because it had way too much lemon. The fish had flavour but that had been drowned out by the sauces. If you do plan on trying it anyway, ask them to go easy on the lemon or try the grilled fish instead.



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