Italian Style Pizza’s in Dhahran from ‘8 Portions Pizza’

I have only heard of good things about @8portionspizza and although they’ve been operating for a few years, this was to be my first visit. Located in the Al Qusur district of Dhahran, this pizza joint has a very unique menu that had my attention from the get go.

The interiors are a little gloomy and could do with a bit more ventilation. The staff are quite friendly and after spending a good 10 minutes going through the menu, we ordered.

1. ‘Truffle Pizza’ (SR. 49 – Small / SR. 83 – Medium)
2. ‘Alfredo Chicken’ (SR. 35 – Small / SR. 59 Medium)
3. ‘BBQ Chicken Wings’ (SR. 25)
4. ‘Chipotle Wings’ (SR. 25)

The wings were the first to arrive and although I didn’t expect much in terms of size, these were tiny. I expected the Chipotle to pack more heat but it tasted more like their chilli lime. I was told this was prepared in house and this could be why it tasted different. It wasn’t bad though but I wouldn’t recommend it. The ‘BBQ Chicken Wings’ with its typical BBQ sauce tasted a lot better. Again, these too were quite miniscule and I would have liked more meat on my wings.

The ‘Truffle Pizza’ came with actual slices of truffle and the aroma of the buffalo mozzarella & fontina cheese made me drool. I would however ask them to go easy on the Truffle oil since it can be a little overpowering due to its strong flavour. Great pizza though and oven baked to perfection.

The only reason I ordered the ‘Alfredo Chicken’ was to appease the chicken crazy wife and this too was a hit. The chicken packs a ton of seasoning and the parmigiana reggiano together with the mozzarella cheese helps elevate it. I loved how beautifully soft and chewy the crust was and I can’t wait to visit them again.

I have been told that the ‘Lamb (Naimi) Pizza’ is worth a try!



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