Reviewing ‘The Chicken Bar’ in Ar Rakah, Khobar

This newly opened spot in the heart of Rakah is known for all things chicken which is very obvious from the name, ‘The Chicken Bar’.

My reason to visit was influenced by @shareeka23 and we decided it was a good time to try it out. The restaurant has a lot of space but very few tables and chairs spaced adequately to conform to covid protocol.

We ordered,

🍔‘Chicken Bar Burger’ – SR. 33
🍔 ‘Chicken California Burger’ – SR. 35
🍗 ‘Chicken Bar Crunchy Strips’ – SR. 25
🍽 ‘Mac N Cheese’ – SR. 23

The Chicken Bar burger was pretty decent with the jalapeños giving it some zing and without which this burger would have been a miss. You could also taste a bit of avocado but that is very minimal. The chicken is moist and crispy so that was good and the brioche bun is apt.

The Chicken California Burger falls short of expectation. Though it was doused in cheese and topped with crunchy potato sticks, this does not have enough flavour to give the burger a good rating. The chicken is crispy but that’s about it. It is also quite saucy and messy.

I’m confused when it comes to the ‘Crispy Chicken Strips’. The chicken is moist on the inside but I didn’t enjoy the batter the chicken was fried in and could have been better, but the pieces were soft and succulent.

Of all the things, it was the Mac n Cheese that I enjoyed most and it comes sprinkled with crushed Cheetos. Light on the cheese and cooked to perfection, I’m coming back to snack on this.

The prices are on the higher side and if you have a better recommendation on what to order here, let me know.


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