All Day Palestinian Breakfast at ‘Dukkan & Tarweeqa’, Dammam

I can’t remember the last time I woke up early over the weekend for breakfast but that’s what happened the day we visited @dukkanwtarweeqa in Dammam.

This all day breakfast place was suggested by my colleague Ibrahim Bsoul and I trust his taste in food. 

We decided to order by looking at the pictures on their instagram account and ended up with the below items.

  1. Cheese Stuffed Falafel – SR. 1.5 (per piece)
  2. Qudsiyeh – SR. 12
  3. Armenian Laham Ba’ajeen – SR. 9
  4. Nablusi Cheese – SR. 7

The ‘Cheese Stuffed Falafels’ were a winner. Loved the perfectly salted cheese center and the side of tahini that really made it taste even better. They have the option of other fillings and I intend on trying it soon.

The classic ‘Qudsiyeh’ was appetising too but I have had better ones before. It is in no way bad and I loved the perfect balance of chick peas and fava beans. Served with their fresh bread, you’ll wipe this plate clean in no time. They also have other variants here and I would like to try out the one with beetroot in it. 

The ‘Armenian Laham Ba’ajeen’ is a minced meat pastry but with an interesting twist, Pomegranate Molasses. This adds a ton of depth and I love the tanginess of the molasses. I would like to know if there are any other places that serve this in the Eastern Province. Shallal maybe?

The ‘Nablusi Cheese’ pastry too gets a stamp of approval. This briny cheese originates from the nation of Palestine and makes for a great oven baked pastry topping. With a healthy topping of parsley and black sesame seeds, I’m glad I ordered it. 

This restaurant is definitely on my list for a re-visit in the near future. If you have already visited, what should I order next time?

P.S – Language can be a barrier if you do not speak Arabic. 


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