Enjoying a Local Grill Shop in Hofuf – ‘Kebab BuTamba’

Our trip to Al-Ahsa would have ended in disappointment but thanks to some quick thinking from Sylish and Safuvan, we headed to ‘Kebab BuTamba’ in the Al-Faisaliyah area of Hofuf.

This roadside eatery would be the ideal spot to dine at during winter with its outdoor tables and most important of all, mouth-watering grills.

We were very spontaneous with our order,

Chicken Wings – SR. 16
Kebab Roob – SR. 18
Laham Tamatam – SR. 17
Awsal – SR. 19
Kebab Lumi – SR. 18

The ‘Chicken Wings’ reminds me of the ones I’ve enjoyed at ‘Ayam Zaman’ in Qatif and they are quite similar in terms of flavour so that was a definite win.

Molasses Infused ‘Kebab Roob’

The ’Kebab Roob’ was not what we expected it to be. Served in a pan, the kebabs are served in a thick molasses infused gravy that packs quite a punch. Love how well it compliments the kebabs and it didn’t take us long to wipe the pan clean with their homemade bread.

‘Laham Tamatam’

The ‘Laham Tamatam’ is a thickened and tender meat curry packed with cooked tomatoes and served in a pan. The meat is mushy comforting with the tomatoes adding a subtle but much-needed tanginess. This can be enjoyed for breakfast too but that’s just my preference.

The ‘Awsal’ was outstanding and I don’t think I’ve had it this tender before. Cooked just right, it is pretty obvious that they haven’t used much seasoning which it really doesn’t need. I would drive down all the way to Hofuf just to order this again.

The only item that didn’t make the mark was the ‘Kebab Lumi’ which is marinated in lemon (black lemon maybe) which gives it a darker colour. It is tangy and has some flavour but very dry. It was slightly chewy so this is a no for me.

P.S. Be advised that there is no separate seating for families.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/77CcayYafCNLJP4TA

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