Reviewing ‘Jamie’s Italian’ in Al-Nakheel Mall, Dammam

There are very few who wouldn’t know who @jamieoliver is and I can count myself a fan since ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’. 

It came as a huge surprise when I heard Jamie had launched an @jamiesitaliangcc outlet at Al Nakheel Mall in Dammam and we had the perfect excuse to visit them this weekend, Ancel’s Birthday. 

It didn’t take long to get seating for 5 and we must have taken another 10-15 minutes to decide on our order. They brought us some complimentary ‘Bread with Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade’ that was quick to clear out. 

  1. ‘Pollo Pesto Pizza’ – SR. 84
  2. ‘Sirloin Steak’ – SR. 159
  3. ‘Chicken Primavera’ – SR. 89
  4. ‘Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom Sauce’ – SR. 99
  5. ‘Famous Prawn Linguine (Small)’ – SR. 49
  6. ‘Truffle Tagliatelle (Small)’ – SR. 49
  7. ‘Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding’ – SR. 44
  8. ‘Zuppa Engleze’ – SR. 49

I had a lot of expectations before we were served and I’m sad to say that most of the items didn’t meet our expectations. 

The ‘Sirloin Steak’ was the first to come and I had requested it be done rare, but what I got was a medium well steak with absolutely no seasoning. They herby garlic butter couldn’t make up for the lack of salt but when paired with the aged parmesan and baby gem it made it palatable. I did make it a point to mention this before we left. 

The ‘Chicken Primavera’ is a chargrilled chicken breast with slow cooked leeks, courgettes, peas and basil pesto. This too failed to make the mark with the lack of seasoning and the obvious absence of edamame beans. The broth was the only saving grace with subtle hints of lemon and leeks. 

The ‘Stuffed Chicken with Mushroom Sauce’ was flavoursome with the beef bacon giving the chicken some much needed flavour. Coupled with the pan fried mushroom, truffle and creamy mushroom, this dish was a winner. 

The ‘Famous Prawn Linguine’ was quite nice too with garlicky prawns and the saffron tomato sauce and rocket making for a great combination. This is quite light and refreshing.

The ‘Truffle Tagliatelle’ was my favourite of the lot with its generous shavings of black truffle, aged parmesan and truffle butter making this a must order if you plan on visiting. This too comes in two different portions so choose what suits you best. 

The ‘Pollo Pesto Pizza’ with chicken was quite nice and I really enjoyed the flavour of basil and pesto chicken. It could have done without the potatoes though!

Both the desserts were outstanding and I particularly enjoyed the ‘Zuppa Engleze’ with its chocolate mousse, Chantilly cream, brownie bits, biscoff and ice cream. I wouldn’t recommend the pudding since you’ll be hard pressed to find any pralines. 

Overall, my experience at @jamiesitaliangcc wasn’t the most agreeable. The portions are limited for the prices they charge and the ’Sirloin Steak’ and ‘Chicken Primavera’ was beyond disappointing considering it was the most expensive items we placed an order for. The service has room for improvement and the lady that served us didn’t know what dish it was. The seating arrangement is also quite congested. 



3 responses to “Reviewing ‘Jamie’s Italian’ in Al-Nakheel Mall, Dammam”

  1. Visited the restaurant January 27. Food was well presented and delicious plus the service was outstanding. In particular Saubabh was extremely polite, professional and attentive to detail. Well done! Thank you!


  2. The food is very delicious 😋 and the working staff is very cooperative “the indian guy who serve us his name was shakir was very cooperative “thanks Jamie italian for providing such a great service


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