Cheap & Tasty Bangladeshi Food at ‘Spicy Bangladeshi Restaurant’, Rakah

I have local informers who work behind the scenes to inform me of the best eateries in and around the ‘Eastern Province’ and one of my consistent performers has been @nickyphil who has been very consistent with his recommendations.

He has been raving about a Bangladeshi restaurant in Rakah that serves tasty and affordable biryani and I decided to join him in trying out ‘Spicy Bangladeshi Restaurant’.

I played along as he ordered some of his favourite items.

1. ‘Mutton Biryani’ – SR. 13
2. ‘Beef Curry’ – SR. 8
3. ‘Chicken Curry’ – SR. 8

Service is quick and it must have taken them 3-5 minutes for the food to arrive.

The ‘Mutton Biryani’ is a bargain for that price and tasty too. The meat is tender and if you don’t find enough, don’t be afraid to tell them and they might add a bit more. The rice packs a little heat and that really works wonders.

The ‘Beef Curry’ too is tasty and really tender, and a great addition to the biryani. Portions are good enough for 1 person and make sure you add some of the gravy to the biryani.

The ‘Chicken Curry’ had too much oil and the chicken had been overcooked rendering it a little dry. The gravy too is quite delicious but you’ll have to navigate past that oil to get to it.

The food is value for money for those looking for a cheap and decent meal and I must say I’m impressed with the food. Don’t be surprised if you find me here on a Friday afternoon.

Location: Behind ‘Qaser Al Madbi’ in Rakah.

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