Rocket Chargha from ‘Crazy Chicken Restaurant’ – Al Khobar

I first came across a post on Facebook about a new restaurant in Khobar that served something called ‘Rocket Chargha’ about a year ago and since then I have had this place on my list of restaurants to visit. That list now stands at 75 restaurants!

You will find ‘Crazy Chicken’ restaurant opposite ‘Ghazi Restaurant’ close to Pakistani school in Khobar and @nickyphil and I decided to try the place out.

Chargha (Urdu: چرغا ) is a deep-fried chicken dish from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and this would be my first time trying it. At SR. 41, the ‘Rocket Chargha’ is a little pricey but comes with both Dal and Roti and serves 2 people comfortably.

The masalas are quite subtle but what makes this dish really stand out is the ‘Chat Masala’ that they use to coat the chicken in. The chicken is moist and the chat masala makes it tangy. The Dal wasn’t up to the mark though and I made sure to mention it to the staff there.

Overall, the chicken was good but definitely does not live up to the hype. They should consider serving half portions too!


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