Home Based ‘Burgers & Fried Chicken’ in Kozhikode – E = MC2

I love the idea of an underdog punching above their weight and winning and when it’s a home based business serving Burgers and Fried Chicken in Kozhikode doing just that, I’m always ready to give it a try.

Box of 2 ‘Nashville Chicken’

It was thanks to @aftab_a21 that I came to know about @emc.burgers and there is a very interesting story behind how they started the place during the pandemic.

They were kind enough to give us a little tour of where the food magic happens. Almost everything here is made from scratch including the ‘Burger Buns’ and the meat is sourced locally.

We decided to order,

1. Nashville Burger -₹200
2. Box of 2 Nashville Chicken – ₹200
3. Triple Smash Beef Burger – ₹290
4. Hot Chocolate- ₹100

The burgers are top notch and the ‘Triple Smash Beef Burger’ takes the beef for being an outstanding burger. The patty is seasoned well and the cheese really stands out in terms of flavour. Those homemade buns are an absolute treat.

The ‘Nashville Burger’ is delish too and this deep fried chicken patty is dusted in their spice mix lending a bit of heat and the fact it was well seasoned really make the difference.

The ‘Nashville Chicken’ is deep fried to perfection and loaded with the same spice mix they used for the chicken patty and they do have a spicier variant if you guys are interested. I’m glad they served us the ‘Thigh & Leg’ piece since they remain moist. It comes with their in house bun and coleslaw and for ₹200, this is true value for money.

They serve a killer ‘Hot Chocolate’ too using their in house marshmallows. Yes they make their own marshmallows too. If you ever plan on stopping by Kozhikode next time, @emc.burgers should be on your list.

Location: E=MC^2

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