Great Coffee & Good Food – ‘Cafficana’, Kozhikode

In the two years that I’ve been away from Calicut, there has been of surge of new restaurants that have opened up and one such place is @cafficana.


A few minutes away from home, the area has lacked a good coffee shop and ‘Cafficana’ has closed that gap which makes me very happy. We decided Valentines Day would be a good day to visit.

The ambiance is tasteful and don’t let the name fool you because they serve some top notch food too.

We decided to order,

1. Batter Fried ‘Fish & Chips’ – ₹340
2. Beef Tenderloin with Caramelised Beet & Buttered Vegetables – ₹380
3. Saffron Chicken Risotto – ₹310
4. Beefy Fries – ₹230

The Wood Fired Pizza wouldn’t be ready until after 2pm so we decided to skip it.

I loved the fish that they used for the ‘Fish & Chips’ but the batter had soaked up a bit too much oil. It tasted great though and make sure to squeeze some lime to cut through the grease.

The ‘Beef Tenderloin Steak’ was my favourite of the lot. Even though i’d asked for a Medium Rare steak, I don’t think they have come that far yet. The meat had been tenderised and cooked well and the gravy is thick and flavourful. The Caramel Beet is sweet and slightly smokey which compliments the thick gravy. The buttered vegetables were perfect and I would definitely recommend you try this.

The ‘Saffron Chicken Risotto’ really had us stuffed since we had already ordered a bit too much food. Made with Arborio rice, chicken and cheese and infused with Saffron, this creamy goodness of a dish is filling and appetising.

The ‘Beef Fries’ comes with real chunks of beef, cheese and chipotle aioli. This makes for a perfect snack and I would love to order this takeaway and enjoy over some drinks.

Cafficana is value for money considering the portions they serve. I would like to thank @fooodspot for recommending this place.

P.S. – They serve a mean ‘Affogato’ too for a ₹100.

Location: Cafficana
079028 89998

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