The 1st ever ‘Pork Only’ Eatery in Kozhikode – PIGGYS

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there was a eatery in Calicut that served only ‘Pork Dishes’. Though you’ll find stores that sell fresh pork, this was the first time I’ve found a place exclusively for Pork Lovers in Kozhikode.


Piggys started last year but only registered on my radar very recently after I came across the joint on Zomato. They do not offer dine in but have setup a small table with a few chairs outside just in case you’d like to sit and eat.

We ordered,

1. ‘Coorgi Pork’ – ₹110
2. ‘Angamaly Pork’ – ₹110

‘Coorgi Pork’

This Kodava style ‘Coorgi Pork’ dish is very unique in it’s flavour thanks to the use of Kachampuli but this was slightly different from what I had in Coorg though. Nevertheless, the belly pork chunks had been rendered to perfection in the spices and made for a great combination with the Vellapam. Definitely something you should try here.

‘Angamaly Pork’

The ‘Angamaly Pork’ is a more identifiable dish thanks to its use of local spices and it is quite spicy though the pork hadn’t really absorbed the spices. You’ll best enjoy this with some Ghee Rice or Porotta.

Current Menu at Piggys

They are expanding soon and will be opening a new dine in restaurant in Kozhikode.

Location: Piggys
089437 67524

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