A Pakistani Restaurant for Truckers & Bachelors – ‘Mehran Restaurant’ – Dammam

 I come across some of the best Pakistani restaurants in Dammam / Khobar thanks to my colleagues who can’t wait to show me their latest find.

Mehran Restaurant in the Khaldiyah al Shamaliyah area of Dammam is a popular spot for truck drivers and blue collar workers looking for a quick and tasty meal and this place can get quite crowded during lunch hours. They serve top notch food and I can also say it is quite affordable.

My colleagues and I decided to order,

  1. ‘Mutton Malai’ – SR. 27
  2. ‘Chicken Kadai’ – SR. 18
  3. ‘Chapli Kebab’ – SR. 9

The ‘Mutton Malai’ just blew my mind. Soft tender mutton in a thick flavourful gravy packing just enough heat to tickle your taste buds has made me a new fan. The meat breaks apart at the slightest touch and with the portions they serve, you wouldn’t be complaining about the 27 riyals you pay for it. 

The ‘Chicken Kadai’ too is tender and the seasoning really elevates the dish. The thick gravy tastes slightly different from the Mutton Malai and pairs perfectly with their in house naan.

The ‘Chapli Kebab’ was just ok and not as good as the ones they serve at ‘Modon Alam Restaurant’ (Truck Hotel).

Definitely get the ‘Mutton Malai’ if you plan on visiting.

Location: https://g.page/90v600?share

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