Enjoying Nepali Momo’s in Khobar – ‘Spice Taste Restaurant’

It was thanks to a review by @sharqiatales and @ksafoodntravel that I decided to check out ‘Spice Taste Restaurant’ in the heart of Subeika, a few meters away from Shifa clinic to try their ‘Momo’s’.

It’s quite easy to miss this spot and it would be a better idea to park a little away and walk the rest of the distance to the restaurant since there isn’t much space for parking.

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This tiny little restaurant is well maintained and welcomes families though they do not have a separate section. We had already made up our mind on what we were going to order but that didn’t stop us from adding 2 more items.

We ordered,

  1. ‘Momo’ (Full Plate) – SR. 13
  2. ‘Fried Momo’ – SR. 14
  3. ‘Buffalo Chow Mein’ – SR. 15
  4. ’Sukuti Chiura’ – SR. 15

They only use Chicken for their Momo’s and it was outstanding in terms of flavour. I enjoyed the Fried Momo’s more thanks to it’s crunchy exterior but that does not take away the fact that the steamed momo’s was just as good. Make sure to use the Schezwan sauce for a bit of heat and added flavour. They also have ‘Chilli Chicken’ Momo’s on the menu if you are interested. 

I love how the Nepali’s prepare noodles and when it comes to flavours, I really enjoyed the ‘Buffalo Chow Mien’ but the bits of meat were quite tough. It packed a lot of heat though thanks to the green chillis but that’s only because I had requested them to make it spicy. 

‘The Chiura’ is a meat and beaten crispy rice dish that is served with raw onions and fried lentils and works more like a snack than a meal. The combination works wonder especially when the meat has a bit of gravy. If you are looking at trying something new, this would be a great dish to start.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/FDh6XM7Sfrnod26m7

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