Reviewing the new Breakfast Menu at ‘Thermo Steakhouse’ – Al Khobar

I decided to check out ‘Thermo Steakhouse’ to review their new Breakfast menu so the missus and I set off early on Friday morning to give it a go. There wasn’t much of a crowd so we had the place to ourselves and got down to the serious business of menu tasting.

We were served,

  1. ‘Wagyu Truffle Scrambled Eggs’ – SR. 53
  2. ‘Brisket & Eggs Sandwich’ – SR. 62
  3. ‘Eggs Americana’ – SR. 57
  4. ‘Avocado Sourdough Bread Toast’ – SR. 45
  5. ‘Berries Pancake’ – SR. 53

The only issue I had with this dish was the size of the portion but the combination of Egg and Truffle makes for a fantastic combination. The wagyu is quite subtle and the truffle is slightly more prominent.

The ‘Brisket & Egg Sandwich’ is definitely a mouthful and the BBQ sauce marinated shredded brisket makes for a tasty mouthful combined with the egg and cheese. They could however tone down the sweetness of the brisket since it was a bit too much. 

The simple ‘Eggs Americana’ served on sourdough bread and bacon is good but there was nothing about it that stood out. Tasty yes, exciting? No. 

My favourite of the lot had to be the ‘Avocado Sourdough Bread Toast’. With a myriad of ingredients ranging from olive paste to sun-dried tomatoes, eggs and avocado, this dish is a definite winner. The flavour is prominent and works well to enhance the avocado. This is a must-try!

The ‘Berries Pancake’ is a bit too small for the price that they charge but it is the most visually appealing of the lot. I loved the hint of cherry and if you like something light to start your day off, then this should suit you nicely.

Breakfast Menu:


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