Torched Pizzas, Ribs and Burgers in Juffair – ‘SANDO X URBAN’ in Bahrain.

This eatery in Bahrain is one standout joint that you do not want to miss out on.

‘Torched Brisket Pizza’

I was invited by @sando.bahrain to review their restaurant and my friends and I decided to visit them over the weekend. Located in Juffair close to American Avenue, the joint is a no frills, well lit and comfortable eatery with great lighting. We were greeted by Lex and shown to our table and briefed on what we were going to be served.

1. ‘Hot Honey Chicken Pizza’BD 4.500
2. ‘Torched Brisket Pizza’BD 6.450
3. ‘Short Ribs & Burger Grilled Cheese’BD 5.400
4. ‘Brisket Grilled Cheese’BD 3.900
5. ‘Short Ribs Platter’BD 16.500
6. ‘Arizona Iced Tea’BD 1.600

The Pizza’s come with it’s own table side entertainment and they torch them right in front of you. This adds a bit of smokiness to an already great pizza and the cheese really works its magic. I really enjoyed the flavours on the ‘Hot Honey Chicken Pizza’ and make sure to add some of tha glazing sauce to give it some zing. The ‘Brisket Pizza’ is also quite good, though it could have done with bit more brisket. The BBQ sauce is just right and they also sprinkle cheese and other herbs for the perfect finish. THIS IS A MUST TRY!

We tried the ‘Short Ribs Platter’ next which can easily feed 2 people. It comes with 2 tender short ribs, chicken tenders glazed in a hot honey sauce, toasted bread, an average side of Mac n Cheese, coleslaw and lovely chunky fries. The ribs are a winner, glazed with BBQ sauce, super tender though unevenly seasoned.

The Chicken Tenders were my favourite. The outer crust is crunchy and packs some light heat and the chicken is moist on the inside. Again that hot honey glaze is everything and I’m not ashamed to say I practically drank the sauce.

There was nothing exceptional about the Mac n Cheese and Coleslaw but those chunky fries were definitely satisfying. It you are visiting with a friend, then this dish is good value.

The ‘Brisket Grilled Cheese’ makes up for the lack of brisket in the pizza with more than enough qty for 1 person. I love the subtle flavours of the meat and the seasoning and would recommend toasting the bread in more butter. This comes with a side of onion fries seasoned with a tasty spice mix which the server didn’t want to disclose.

By the time we got to the ‘Short Ribs Grilled Cheese Sandwich’ we were a bit too full to really enjoy it. All is can say is they do a fantastic job with the ribs here and the meat is tender enough to swallow.

We loved the whole experience and there was enough for us to takeaway which the ladies cleaned up for dinner.


Location: SANDO X URBAN – Juffair

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