Uzbeki Cuisine in Jeddah – ‘LAZA Uzbek Restaurant’

I finally got to try Uzbeki Cuisine and this restaurant is sadly not in the Eastern Province but in the city of Jeddah. 

Say hello to @lazauzbek in the Al Mohammadiyyah area of Jeddah which is rated quite highly and for good reason. The staff are quite friendly and the interiors reflect Uzbeki landscape and people. They have a larger dining area upstairs and seating that is quite different from the usual. 

I was really looking forward to trying some authentic ‘Uzbeki Pulao’ so we quickly browsed through the menu and decided to order,

  1. ‘Osh Plov Meat’ – SR. 59 (Medium) & SR. 89 (Large)
  2. ‘Chuchvara’ – SR. 45 (Medium) & SR. 65 (Large)

The ‘Chuchvara’ is a popular dumpling dish filled with meat and condiments lending its flavour to the dough and served on a bed of a tomato based sauce and a spoonful of yogurt. Make sure to scoop it all up together to truly relish this wonderful dumpling dish. 

This was my first time trying ‘Osh Plov Meat’ and I must say it was all that I had hoped for. There are 2 rice variants used and it is packed with subtle flavours from the meat, raisins, carrots and chickpeas. The lamb is soft to the touch and breaks apart with very little effort and combined with the rice, this is a deadly combination. I cannot stress how important it is that you try this dish.


Traditional Uzbeki Cuisine in Jeddah that you must try. LAZA Uzbek Restaurant | مطعم لازا الأوزبكي in Al Mohammadiyyah serves the tastiest ‘Osh Plov Meat’ with the most flavourful rice I’ve had in ages. I would also recommend ordering the ‘Chuchvara’. #uzbekistan #uzbek #uzbektiktok #uzbekfood #uzbekrestaurant #jeddah #jeddahtiktokers #jeddah_city #wheretoeat #wheretoeatksa #wheretoeatjeddah #foodwithshayne #jeddahmallu #مطاعم_الخبر #مطاعم_الخبر_والدمام @lazauzbekcuisine

♬ Mazagangy – Balqees

I would also like to thank the staff for the complimentary Uzbeki bread, Laza sauce and picked veggies and a further discount off the total bill. This is worth every penny that I paid for. 


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