From Delhi 6 to Kozhikode – ‘KARIMS’ Mughlai Cuisine

Imagine my surprise when I heard the famed Karim’s was opening an outlet in Kozhikode?

“This is the same Karim’s from Delhi 6 known for its famed Mughal cuisine and I have had the good fortune of dining at their original outlet in the Jama Masjid area”.

We decided it was the best venue to celebrate my grandma’s birthday.

Located in Gokulam Mall, they have done a great job with the interiors and use of available space. The seating too is quite comfortable and the staff welcoming.

The menu is extensive but I had a fair idea on what to order and this is what we went with.

1. Dil Pasand Seekh Kebab (4pcs) – ₹370
2. Bemisal Shami Kebab (4pcs) – ₹370
3. Makhni Murgh Burra (8pcs) – ₹650
4. Dil Bahar Dopyaza (Half) – ₹350
5. Akbari Murgh Masala (Half) – ₹330
6. Mutton Biryani Bahishti (Full) – ₹600
7. Garlic Naan (3 pcs) – ₹360

First to arrive was the ‘Dil Pasand Seekh Kebab’ & the ‘Shami Kebab’. The Seekh kebabs were absolutely outstanding. Spiced and seasoned to perfection, it was moist and made for a fantastic combination with the garlic naan. I can’t emphasise enough how good it was and this should definitely be one of the first things you order here. The ‘Bemisal Shami Kebab’ on the other hand were slightly drier though still packed with flavour. It does come with a spicy green chutney though which adds a bit of tanginess and that helps with the dryness.

The ‘Murgh Burra’ is a dry chicken fried dish that had some of the most intense flavours. As mentioned, it is dry and would be better paired with some rice but don’t miss out on this wonderful dish.

The ‘Akbari Murgh Masala’ is rich and slightly on the greasier side but without it, it wouldn’t taste as good. The chicken magically takes on the intensity of the gravy and you really get to taste the flavours right to the bone. The quantity is dismal though so if you are part of a larger group, go for the Full.

There is nothing to criticise about the ‘Dil Bahar Dopyaza’ either when it comes to taste and it was definitely delicious but the portion was a bit too small. This is best enjoyed with their Garlic Naan. The chicken was tender and had really absorbed the intense flavours from the gravy.

I loved the ‘Mutton Biryani’ too and by this time we were all quite full. The meat was tender and coated in that beautiful rendered masala but make sure to mix it well before serving because all the goodness is down below. The rice is fragrant and fluffy and I would definitely stop by just to enjoy this all by myself.

A big shoutout to the wonderful staff that served us and made us feel welcome. The bill came to a total of ₹3400 which is definitely on the pricier side but don’t let that stop you from experiencing the best of Delhi in the wonderful city of Kozhikode.

Location: Karim’s Delhi 6 – Calicut

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