Signature Burgers at “Burger Boutique” – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Burger Boutique” is a Kuwait based Burger joint in the capital city of Riyadh and I can only use one word to describe this place, POSH.


Do you know what else is posh? THE PRICES!
The Signature Burgers start at SR. 65 and I ordered the “Solar Gravity” Burger.
Stacked between Red Buns is a Bacon & Cheddar infused patty that had a lot of edge to it thanks to the cheese and bacon combo, American Cheese (I know, more CHEESE), onion strings and gravity sauce (They had a pickle on the side that I didn’t really find a need for).

Mouthwatering Burger and for the price, it isn’t a bargain but yummy nevertheless. I absolutely loved their “B+F Firehouse” sauce.


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