Finding Uighur Chinese Cuisine at ‘Eastern Wall Restaurant | 达曼中餐馆’ – Dhahran

You think you know a place, only to find that you never did. That’s what happened to me when I found out about an ‘Uighur Chinese Restaurant’ in Dhahran. I was taken by surprise when one of my mates brought this up in a Whatsapp group chat and since then i’ve had my sights set on visiting the restaurant.

‘Beef Dumplings’

Located opposite the ‘Farm 9’ near Dana Park, this restaurant is not the easiest place to spot. The staff are friendly but seating is a little tight but this can be easily fixed with better chairs. The menu is in Chinese and you will have to refer to the pictures to place your order.

‘Braised Beef Noodle Soup’

We went ‘Beef Crazy’ and ordered the ‘Beef Braised Noodle Soup’, ‘Beef Noodle Soup’, ‘Beef in Sauce’ and ‘Beef Dumplings’ which set us back by SR. 115 in total.

‘Beef Noodle Soup’

Everything we ordered was absolutely sublime. The beef in the soups were tender and the highlight was the hand made Noodles that is prepared in house. YES, HAND MADE NOODLES. The broth is quite the same for both the soups but the ‘Braised Beef Noodle Soup’ had the edge in terms of savour with the chilli oil giving the soup an edge. The noodles were exceptional and you know they are hand made when they are sized irregularly.

‘Beef in Sauce’

The ‘Beef in Sauce’ reminded me of the ‘Grilled Beef Salad’ served at Thai House Restaurant but this comes with a ton of spices that have been mixed in with shredded slices of Beef. It isn’t served hot but it is mouth-watering and would go best with warm sticky rice. The beef was tender and for SR. 45 the quantity is substantial.

The ‘Beef Dumplings’ don’t have much flavour on it’s own but let it soak in the accompanying sauce and you could eat 2 platefuls. The sauce is a combination of Chilli oil and something a little tangy.

The ‘Sweet & Sour Fish’ (SR. 68) is a whole fish fried and covered in a mouth watering ‘Sweet & Sour’ sauce that would serve 2 people and would be best eaten with plain rice. I love how they didn’t overcook the fish and the sauce didn’t overpower the taste of the fish. Allow the fish to soak up the sauce for a delicious bite.

The ‘Sautéed Chicken Dices with Chilli Pepper Noodles’ was slightly bland and the flavour subtle but with a good helping of Chilli oil, this was a completely different dish. Again, I have to add emphasis on the handmade noodles and how well it compliments the rest of the ingredients.

Exceptional food and Value for money describes this restaurant. One thing to remember though, THEY ONLY ACCEPT CASH.

Location: Eastern Wall Restaurant | 达曼中餐馆
Al Danah Ash Shamaliyah, Unnamed Road, Dhahran 34258, Saudi Arabia

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