“Como Seafood Restaurant” – Al Khobar

In my search for a good seafood restaurant in Khobar, I came across @como_rest that was highly rated on @googlemaps. @joys10dz wanted a venue for @elmaaug birthday dinner and this looked like that perfect place to host a party. 

Located opposite Gulf Building in Khobar Corniche, this place has separate dining sections for Singles & Families with precautions in place to test customers and maintain social distancing in the restaurant. 

‘Hammour Malabari Tikka’

Elma was surprised to find out she had been duped into making her own birthday cake which turned out well for all of us since she makes some amazing cake.

Joystan ordered the ‘Prawns Tandoori’ (SR. 68), ‘Hammour Malabari Tikka’ (SR. 67), ‘Hammam Fish Grilled Whole’ (Price as per size), the ‘Grilled Shafi Fish’, ‘Sayadiyah Rice’ and ‘Spicy Biriyani Rice’.

‘Hammam Fish Grilled Whole’

The food didn’t disappoint one bit. Everything from the Prawns to the Grilled Hammam & Malabari Tikka was spot on. The grilled hammam was tender, flaky and soaked in that delicious tandoori masala. The sauce that comes with it compliments the fish but you can still do without it. The Malabari Tikka was another favourite though I felt they could have served a bigger portion. 

‘Prawns Tandoori’

The Sayadiyah rice was good but not as good as the spiced up ‘Biriyani Rice’ that the chef made to order. We had requested they spice it up for us and they complied and what came out was soft fluffy biriyani rice with a bit of heat. We made sure to order another portion of rice and I would order takeaways with @como_rest just to order this rice.

The only disappoint was the ‘Grilled Shafi Fish’. Though the waiter recommend we order this fried, we decided to have it grilled. It was quite bitter and put me off completely. Thankfully this was what I ate towards the end of the meal so no harm there. 

“Grilled Shafi’

This is a great place for family get togethers and birthday parties and I look forward to visiting this restaurant again.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/JZEWmKbdic1wRyAA7

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    • Hello, the prices have been included for this particular review and I don’t include the menu since it takes up space and doesn’t match the outlay of the post. I curate the website with only the good restaurants. You will find the negative reviews on my Instagram handle.


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