Every Recipe has a Story at ‘The Pantry’ – Al Khobar

I have had @pantryksa on my list of restaurants to visit and today felt like the right day, considering it’s been two years since @shareeka23 and I got married. 

With that in mind, we headed there for lunch. Parking is a bit hard to find with a cafe right next door which is also quite popular. 

Scan the QR code for the menu.

We were greeted at the door by ‘Demi’ who quickly took our temperature and guided us to a table in the corner. He was quick to strike a conversation and we felt right at home. Demi’s service was exceptional throughout. The menu is accessible once you scan the QR code, but I’ll leave the link at the end of the review.

For starters, we ordered the ‘Dynamite Shrimp’ (SR. 69) and for the main course, we went for the ‘Lamb Shoulder’ (SR. 92) & ‘Black Angus Steak’ (SR. 118). For drinks, we decided to keep it simple with a ‘Lemon Mint’ juice (SR. 21).

My wifey Sareeka with ‘Lemon Mint’ juice.

The ‘Dynamite Shrimps’ were fresh. Seared slightly and tossed with sauces that included Sriracha and placed on crispy potato sticks, these were absolutely mouthwatering with the flavour of the shrimp being the highlight.

‘Lamb Shoulder’

If you thought this was just the beginning of all good things to happen that day, you guessed right. The ‘Lamb Shoulder’ is herb infused and coupled with white beans, roasted sweet potatoes and salas verde. The lamb is tender to the touch, with the outer layer seared and the insides delicate. The best way to enjoy this beautiful piece of meat is to get a spoonful with all the trimmings. This would be my recommendation if you plan on visiting ‘The Pantry’. 

‘Black Angus Steak’

Sareeka’s ‘Black Angus Steak’ was decadent. The striploin was cooked to medium, sliced with juicy bits of fat attached to the end and covered in jus and seared shallots. The potato gratin side comes with shiitake jam and compliments the steak so well. The meat is so tender that even the fat dissolves. The wife rates this second best after my lamb shoulder. 

‘Mix Berry Cheesecake’

I would like to thank Mr. Mehio for the complimentary ‘Mix Berry Cheesecake’ (SR. 60) and ‘Cappuccino’ (SR. 24). The cheesecake is made in-house and is light on the palate. It isn’t too rich and it gets even better when you mix in the berry compote and fresh berries. 

‘The Pantry’ is officially on my list of best eats in Al Khobar. 

Menu: http://www.amanaarabia.com/pantryksa/PantryMenu-English.pdf

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Ws8W3UmfwGAqCoo76

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