‘The Cuts’ in Dammam – A Full Course Meal

It has been long since I last visited @thecuts_ksa and we found the perfect excuse to change that. 

It was @foodingmyselfaround birthday and he invited us to dinner where I offered to use my @entertainersa app to avail the ‘Main Course’ deal.  We were joined by @joys10dz and @elmaaug and you know what they say, ‘The More the Merrier’. 

‘In Reverse Fries’ (SR. 41)

Service was a tad bit slow but they quickly recovered and we placed our order. We ordered the ‘Blood Moon’ (SR. 56), ‘Dexter’ (SR. 45), ‘Magic Deluxe’ (SR. 54) & ‘Black Gold’ (SR. 66) from the Trademark Burger section and then went on to order the ‘Spicy Glazed Wings’ (SR. 47) & ‘In Reverse Fries’ (SR. 41).

‘Spicy Glazed Wings’

We also ordered the ‘Berry Mojito’ and ‘Lime Mojito’ from the drinks menu. 

I’ll be blunt here. The burgers have become a lot smaller than they were from my last visit and there is no hiding it. I do understand that a lot of businesses have taken a hit but I rather pay a bit more to get a sizeable burger. Nothing else has changed though and the burgers are still juicy and delish. The beetroot bun on the ‘Blood Moon’ burger was a bit too soggy in my opinion. 

‘Magic Deluxe’ Burger

I had ordered the ‘Magic Deluxe’ burger and this had to be the best one of the lot. This decadent meaty burgers come packed with grilled Angus Beef double patty, bacon, grilled onion and cheese that added a ton of flavour to the meat. It didn’t take long to finish the burger and I really wish they hadn’t cut down on the size. Each of the burgers comes with a side of fries. I’ve already tried the ‘Black Gold Burger’ and that is available in a much older review. 

The ‘Spicy Glazed Wings’ surprisingly packed some heat and I enjoyed the sweetness of the sauce that kinda took off a bit of the heat. I would definitely recommend this appetiser to anyone who loves Chicken wings.

The drinks I definitely wouldn’t recommend considering you pay SR. 25 for a watered down Mojito. If the price is ok with you, then make sure to tell them to go easy on the ice.  

We were able to claim 3 of the ‘Main Course’ deals on the @entertainersa app and we would like to thanks @thecuts_ksa for the complimentary dessert. I am definitely going to stop by one of these days to enjoy the ‘Toffee Pain Perdu’ all by myself. 

Menu: https://qr.finedinemenu.com/#/the-cuts-urban-kitchen-1/menu

Location: https://g.page/the-cuts-urban-kitchen?share

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