A Birthday Party at ‘Century Cuisine’ – Khobar

I have had @century.cuisine on my list of restaurants to visit for the longest time and it was purely by chance that I got invited to a special birthday dinner for @ancel_bernard by @joys10dz and @elmaaug and whenever @theovenaffairs is involved, you know there is cake that’s going to steal the show.

‘Dynamite Shrimps’

The interiors aren’t the best if you are looking at getting some good food shots (Applicable to those who need to) and to get around this I would suggest visiting during lunch hours.
It is however quite cozy, but lacks privacy and if that doesn’t bother you, this is worth taking your better half to on a date. 

The heavenly ‘Leon Steak’

We took our own sweet time deciding on what to order,

  1. 2 X ‘Dynamite Shrimp’ – SR. 57 each.
  2. ‘Spring Onion Beef’ – SR. 55
  3. ‘Beef with Oyster Sauce’ – SR. 56
  4. ‘Spicy Creamy Chicken’ – SR. 58
  5. 2 X ‘Leon Steak’ – SR. 119 each
  6. ‘Blue Moon Mojito’ – SR. 23
  7. ’Strawberry Mojito’ – SR. 23
  8. ‘Blueberry Iced Tea’ – SR. 23

The food came in batches and the first to be served were the delicious ‘Dynamite Shrimp’ that we cleared up in no time. It’s all in the sauce and ever since my visit to the Pantry and now Century Cuisine, I have been wanting to recreate it.

Joystan had ordered the ‘Spring Onion Beef’ and this turned out to be a lot better than the ‘Beef with Oyster Sauce’ that I ordered. Both of these dishes come with a side of rice. The beef is packed with flavour and tasted like it had Teriyaki sauce which gave it a bit of sweetness and coupled with the rice, this dish is the perfect example of comfort food. The latter had bell peppers which didn’t really go well with the beef and I would stick with the Spring Onion version. 

‘Leon Steak’ drenched in sauce.

The ‘Leon Steak’ is a sight to behold. It is stacked with 3 pieces of tenderloin steak with grilled veggies and cheese in between and topped with mushroom and whole rosemary. Once it is served, they pour a cheese based sauce to wrap them all together and watching it sizzle can cause mouths to drool. The meat was cooked to perfection (We asked for Medium Rare) and do make sure to get all of the ingredients in one bite to really savour the dish. At SR. 119, it is an absolute bargain. 

The ‘Spicy Creamy Chicken’ was quite the disappointment. It is supposed to have been marinated in Indian spices and served with a creamy sauce but the only thing spicy was the chilli that garnished the plate. It was bland and had no real flavour and you would be better off trying something else. This would suit those who cannot handle any level of spice or heat. 

The drinks were quite refreshing, sweet and quite needed when you want to wash all that food down. The Iced Tea was the best drink of the lot.

Once we were done, we all got around to sing Happy Birthday for Ancel with the neighbouring table joining in to celebrate. Elma’s ‘Earl Grey Tea Cake’ was astounding. Layered with Vanilla Custard Infused with Lemon & Lime Extract with zest from both (In her own words) this was the perfect end to the feast and thanks to the cake, we skipped the dessert menu altogether. Great service by the staff and thank you for footing the bill Ancel. I owe you one!

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/XnrCJZnpzYoKAHvZ8

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