‘Tackle Baks’, A Refreshing Seafood Experience – Al Khobar

We ushered in the new year with a visit to Khobar’s latest seafood joint @tackle.baks for lunch with our usual foodie gang @shareeka23, @joys10dz and @elmaaug. With rave reviews making the rounds about ‘Tackle Baks’ it was only we fair we give it a try.

We ordered,

  • Tom Yum Soup – SR. 25
  • ‘Spicy Shrimplets’ – SR. 38
  • ‘Ruman Calamari’ – SR. 29
  • ‘Salmon Tajin’ – SR. 77
  • ‘Chimichurri Seabream Grill’ – SR. 69
  • ‘Thai Wok’ (Fish) – SR. 46
  • ‘Tomato Rice’ – SR. 12
  • ‘Biriyani Rice’ – SR. 17

I rarely ever order soup but I glad I did. The ‘Tom Yum Soup’ is heartwarming and delicious and packs quite a punch making it perfect for winter. It also comes with quite a few pieces of shrimp too and for SR. 25, a delicious deal.

‘Spicy Shrimplets’

The ‘Spicy Shrimplets’ weren’t the best in terms of flavour, but with the accompanying sauce it can be a tasty snack though I wouldn’t recommend this appetiser.

‘Ruman Calamari’

The ‘Ruman Calamari’ was a good choice with the crunchy calamari soaking up the pomegranate molasses without making it soggy. Do give this appetiser a try!

‘Salmon Tajin’ – There is Salmon under all that mess.

@shareeka23 ordered the ‘Salmon Tajin’ and this turned out to be the best main for the day. It is loaded with mixed vegetables & prunes with a dill and lemon sauce adding a subtle depth to the fish. This is best paired with plain rice!

‘Chimichurri Grilled Seabream’

You get to choose your fish for the ‘Chimichurri Grill’ and I went for the seabream. The fish is butterflied and charcoal grilled and topped with a heavy helping of Argentinian Chimichurri sauce. It could have done with a little less but adds a lot more flavour. 

‘Thai Wok Hammour’

The ‘Thai Wok’ is boneless hammour tossed with a ginger & garlic Thai sauce that tasted really good and paired with some plain white rice would be my idea of comfort food. 

The rice we ordered were a bit too much but we would definitely recommend the ‘Biriyani Rice’. The ‘Tomato Rice’ has a very subtle tomatoey flavour and i’m not quite sure what it could go with.

P.S. – They offer a Kid’s Menu with Freshly prepared ‘Fish Fingers’

Thank you @tackle.baks for your exceptional service and I look forward to visiting again.

Location: Tackle Baks – تاكل بوكس
Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Hizam Al Akhdar,
Al Khobar 34433, Saudi Arabia
+966 9200 11263

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