Middle Eastern to South Asian at ‘Taya Restaurant’ – Al Khobar & Jubail

Visiting ‘Taya Restaurant’ @altaya_ksa for lunch on a working day was a moment of spontaneity. We were the 1st visitors for the day and since they only open at 12pm, you will have to wait for prayer time to end before they open for service.

We didn’t waste time with the menu and you shouldn’t either so follow the link to check it out before you head there.

Menu: http://menu.taya-restaurant.com/

We ordered,
1. ‘Chicken Malai Boti’ – SR. 48
2. ‘Tawa Chicken Kebab’ – SR. 48
3. ‘Mutton Dum Biriyani’ – SR. 50

My personal favourite had to be the succulent and subtle flavoured ‘Chicken Malai Boti’. It could have done with a bit more salt but that’s just a personal preference that most will disagree with.

The ‘Tawa Chicken Kebab’ too is cooked really well, most and spiced well. Each of the grills come with a side of fries, garlic paste and tahina and free freshly made kuboos, though we stuck with the biriyani.

The ‘Mutton Dum Biriyani’ had some really good pieces of tender mutton but could have really done well with a bit more masala. Love the touch of fried onions & cashews that really enhances the flavour of the rice.

Have you tried Taya before and what would you recommend??

Location: Taya Restaurant Khobar
+966 13 895 1242

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