‘Restaurant JAKARTA’ – Indonesian Street Eatery in Dammam

Located in Jalawiyah, this tiny hole in the wall restaurant serving Indonesian food is easy to miss. ‘Restaurant Jakarta’ serves pre prepared items and closely resembles Indonesian Street food that you come across on TV. I was introduced to this place by @ancel_bernard who has been visiting this place for quite some time.

We ordered,
1. ‘Bakso Beef Noodle Soup’ Spicy
2. ‘Nasi Goreng with Beef & Chicken’ – SR. 20
3. ‘Ayam Geprek’ – SR. 15
4. ‘Mie Goreng’ – SR. 20

The ‘Bakso’ can be compared to a Vietnamese Pho but has its differences. This version comes with a giant meatball that is stuffed with Chilli or Sambal as its known locally that really gives the soup a ton of flavour. The tender cuts of beef are mouth watering but the meat used in the meatball might take some getting used to. I have eaten beef balls before so this was a welcome change. Make sure to order the spicy version and you won’t find this on the menu so please make sure to ask them for it.

The ‘Mixed Nasi Goreng’ with beef and chicken is pricey at SR. 20 and doesn’t offer much in terms of qty. It also lacks salt and it is important you add the sweet soy and vinegar to enhance the flavours. This makes a huge difference and compliments this rice dish.

The ‘Ayam Geprik’ is deep fried chicken served with some spicy sambal and served with a side of plain rice. We asked not to have any rice since we had the Nasi. This chicken was fried well and the sambal really is king here. Great fried chicken flavour topped with Sambal would be perfect with some sticky rice and intend on going back to try it once more.

The ‘Mie Goreng’ too was a little bland and yet again, its the sweet soy and vinegar that saves this noodle dish from being a failure. I would avoid ordering this though since the rice is much better!

Don’t forget to order a cold iced tea.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/T154kJSCLoeKtcpV8

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