Cheap Eats and Great Ambiance at ‘Al Sabat BBQ Restaurant’ – Qatif

There is a treasure trove of restaurant in the Qatif area waiting to be explored and they have some of the most phenomenal grilled food restaurants in the Eastern Province. 

Most of my recommendations have been from my colleagues in the area and they have delivered exponentially. 

It was @sharqiatales that brought @al_sabate to my attention and I decided to try it out over the weekday. This isn’t the easiest place to spot and once you do, it leads to a huge outdoor / indoor dining area. Service is quick and the only menu available is in Arabic. The staff there can help you with your order but it’s pretty straight forward.

A skewer costs between SR.4 & SR.7 and you can choose between chicken, lamb or camel with the chicken being the cheapest at SR. 4 per skewer.

The chicken skewers at ‘Ayam Zaman Restaurant’ are better than the ones served here but they aren’t bad. The lamb kebabs was definitely tastier and moist compared to the ones I’ve tried before. The Awsal too had a lot of flavour and makes a great combination when eaten with Hummus. 

They served the camel kebabs along with the meat so it was hard to identify them so we ended up eating them without knowing which one the camel was. My best guess would be the slightly tougher meat cubes that came with the lemon marinade. 

The ambiance puts you at ease and you’ll find a lot of articles from the past on display. We ended up with a bill for SR. 129 which is super affordable.


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