All things GRILLED at ‘Tabreez Restaurant’ – Qatif

I sometimes browse @googlemaps looking for restaurants that I haven’t dined in before and while scrolling through the Qatif area, I came across ‘Tabreez Restaurant’ that was rated at 4.8 with over 640 reviews. I was surprised my colleagues from the area hadn’t heard of it before so I decided I would give it a try.

The restaurant has mixed seating with partitions if you require a bit of privacy. The staff are friendly, courteous but you will find it a little difficult placing your order since the menu is in Arabic. The staff can guide you though but I would recommend ordering what we ordered.

  1. Beef Kebab Skewers (4 pcs) – SR. 28
  2. Chicken with Bone Skewers (2 pcs) – SR. 26
  3. Mix Grill Platter – SR. 44
  4. Cocktail – SR. 12
  5. Hummus – SR. 8

The ‘Beef Kebabs’ were outstanding. My wife is a huge fan of chicken but even she was bowled over by the flavours and how succulent it was. You will find this when you order the mixed grill platter. 

I had ordered the ‘Grilled Chicken Kebabs’ but they served us the ‘Chicken with Bone Skewers’ instead. I wasn’t disappointed by what I was served and these too were moist. The bone prevents them from drying out and I absolutely loved the spice mix that they used. None of these items is spicy but they do have an edge thanks to the mix they use. You might think it’s spicy but the portions are generous. 

The ‘Mix Grill Platter’ offers the best of everything on a single plate, from Grilled Chicken Kebabs to Beef Kebabs, Awsal, Sheesh Tawouk, you name it. We ordered the medium which comes with 6 skewers. You could share this or each one on your own if you are really hungry. If you are going with more than 2 people, go for the large platter.

The cocktail was just ok and I would stick with the soft drinks.

The Hummus is really good and I loved how much Tahina they had used. They don’t serve Thoum (Garlic Paste) here so this is your only alternative.

They only open at 6.30pm so make sure to visit after.


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