A Special Dinner Invitation from ‘Tabreez Restaurant’ – Qatif

My last visit to ‘Tabreez’ seemed to have generated a lot of buzz for the restaurant so I was invited to visit them again, courtesy of the owner Mr Fadel who would guide us on what best to order at his restaurant. This would turn out to be an experience like no other and this review is an add-on to my previous post on what best to order at ‘Tabreez’. 

It has to be said that the service at Tabreez is at par with most 5 star hotels and we were served the following.

  1. Fateela
  2. Chicken Pottery
  3. Najafey Kebab
  4. Grilled Shrimps
  5. 1 KG Mixed Meat Platter

I can’t describe how succulent and mouth-wateringly delicious the ‘Fateela’ was. We were told to have this grilled beef tenderloin without the bread or Hummus. Seasoned to perfection, the bits of tenderloin is packed with flavour and so tender you’ll barely need to bite into it. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed something as delicious as ‘Fateela’ and I would recommend you make this dish the first thing to order.  It is outstanding!

‘Chicken Pottery’

‘Chicken Pottery’ resembles butter chicken and is oven cooked in a pot with dough acting as a lid to lock in all those flavours. The big difference is that it has cheese and would make an excellent combination with rice if they served it, but we wiped it clean with their in-house bread in no time. It is not as rich, but it is one hearty dish that packs a punch. 

The ‘Najafey Kebab’ is something quite different from what I’ve had before and might not be everybody’s cup of tea. I enjoyed the flavours because they reminded me of Libyan Soup. With tomatoes as its base, the kebabs are soaked in the gravy and I feel this would be amazing with a side of garlic bread. It is quite comforting and the herbs give it a lot of depth. 

There is nothing fancy about the ‘Grilled Shrimps’ and grilling them brings the natural flavours to the fore. They are cooked perfectly and you could easily polish off a few plates. I would also encourage you to try the shrimp heads for the unique flavour that it offers. 

The ‘Mixed Meat Platter’ definitely did not disappoint. With a wide array of meats and cooking styles, there is something for everyone when you order this. From Chicken wings to meat kebabs to Awsal, each and every one of them was flavourful and seasoned to perfection. My favourite had to be the meat kebabs and the chicken wings.

I wouldn’t make comparisons with other restaurants in the area that might offer the same dishes for cheaper, but I can guarantee you one thing…..

You won’t find the taste you are looking for anywhere else. Thank you for the exceptional dining experience, Mr Fadel.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/XXoZff8bAsuXGGFK7

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