Mouthwatering Iraqi Grills in Dammam – ‘Ankawa Restaurant’

Scouting for a restaurant on the @entertainersa app might not always yield the best results but we struck gold with ‘Ankawa Restaurant’ @ankawa_rest in Dammam. This Iraqi restaurant is located right next to Chucky Cheese in Dammam corniche and we were in for a real treat.

They have a large seating area and a section for families too so taking your family out over the weekend shouldn’t be an issue. The staff are outgoing and friendly and we were ready to order after a lot of thought. 

The ‘Entertainer’ app can be used only for the main course with a value of SR. 40 or less so ordering a large mixed grill platter using the app is out of the question.

We ordered,

1. Iraqi Kebab (Small)- SR. 33
2. Mix Chicken Grill (Small) – SR. 32
3. Mix Meat Platter (Small) – SR. 36
4. Ankawa Tagine – SR. 39

Their selection of grills are quite extensive and my favourite of the lot had to be the ‘Iraqi Kebabs’ and the Awsal from the Mix Meat Platter. The generous dusting of Sumac lends its subtle flavours to the Iraqi kebab and the awsal is delicious and impeccably seasoned.

The ‘Mixed Chicken’ too is quite nice but I would definitely recommend getting the meat kebabs.

The ‘Ankawa Tagine’ had to be my favourite part of the meal. This delicious tagine comes served with meat kebabs, cooked zucchini and potatoes in a delicious aromatic gravy that almost resembles a curry. Paired with their home-made flat bread, we wiped the tagine clean with nothing left to wash off.

Make sure to confirm if they accept the ‘Entertainer App’ before you place your order. 


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