‘KOKORO’ – Authentic Japanese Curry Shop in Olaya, Khobar

It was a random Instagram ad that introduced me to @kokoro_curry_sa and it only took me a few hours to head there and try it out for myself.


Located in Khobar’s Olaya district, ‘Kokoro Japanese Curry’ has a very simple menu. They have 3 types of Katsu curry (Including a vegetarian version that uses Eggplant) to choose from and a few sides making it less complicated on deciding what to eat. They have also designed the interiors to imitate a local Japanese eatery.

‘Eggplant Katsu Curry’

I ordered,

1. ‘Kokoro Special’ – SR. 51
2. ‘Karaage’ – SR. 28


The ‘Karaage’ is a delicious fried chicken starter that comes with a side of Japanese mayo and something called Togarashi seasoning. Make sure to squeeze some lemon juice on top before dipping it in the mayo for a very satisfying snack. You should definitely give this a try.

The ‘Kokoro Special’ Katsu curry is outstanding. The curry is comforting and hearty and the chicken katsu, rice and cheese combination is brought together by the gravy for a tasty mouthful. You can choose the spice level between 1 to 5 and I can honestly say level 5 was easily manageable. I cannot recommend this dish enough and if you haven’t tried Japanese curry before, this is a great place to try. Good job with the cheese guys since that is what gives the meal it’s Umami.

They also have a vegetarian version with Eggplant which was just as delicious as the ‘Katsu Chicken’.

Check out ‘Kokoro Japanese Curry’ and tell me what you think.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/1ZSSYoxF1nZiwLvX6

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