The Best Madghout in Saudi Arabia? – ‘Madghout Tahamah’, Dammam

After months of waiting, I finally got to try out the famed Madghout at MT in Dammam with my friends. Located very close to Dammam Railway station, this restaurant is quite popular with the locals.

We decided to order,

1. Camel Madgouth – SR. 60
2. Chicken Madghout – SR. 18

The ‘Camel Madgouth’ has to be the best item on their menu and it lives up to the hype. The meat is tender to the touch and tastes quite like beef but the best part of this dish is the flavourful rice which comes infused with black lemon and the fat from the meat. It has so much flavour that you don’t really need that much meat to enjoy it.

The ‘Chicken Madghout’ uses the same rice and this too is mouth-watering. The chicken just falls off the bone without much effort and is second only to the meat variant. I am quite disappointed with myself for not trying this place earlier.

There is no family seating available and they have private cubicles with floor cushions. The staff aren’t the friendliest and may come off as being rude so do keep that in mind.


Alternative Location:

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