Dining at a Hyderabadi Restaurant in Dammam Seiko – ‘Shalimar Restaurant’

I have lost count on the number of recommendations I have received from friends and followers to try ‘Shalimar Restaurant’ in Dammam and it finally happened yesterday when my colleagues and I decided to go out for lunch to their branch in Dammam Seiko.

I expected a crowd but I guess we were right on time and I let my colleague @z_yousuf place the order since he is a regular.

  1. Mutton Biryani – SR. 20
  2. Mutton Fry – SR. 19
  3. Fish Fry (Boneless) – SR. 18

The food took a while to be served and they served the ‘Mutton Fry’ with some Chapathi and gravy. The mutton was a little tough but it tasted good thanks to the spices. 

The Mutton Biryani felt a little dry and they were kind enough to bring us some more masala and pieces of meat when we asked for it. It is a decent Biryani, quite subtle but doesn’t quite match up to the hype. There is another Hyderabadi restaurant in Dammam that I plan on visiting soon that has a much better Biryani so watch this space.

The ‘Fish Fry’ took close to 15-20 minutes after order but was prepared fresh. What really makes the fish stand out is the lemon that you must generously squeeze in and enjoy with the raw onions. This works well with the Biryani but it would taste a whole lot better with some plain rice and Dal. It is however slightly oily so do keep that in mind.

Overall, not a bad place for lunch but it’s not very suitable for families. The next Hyderabadi place I plan on visiting comes recommended by @slaveofallah2910. I did a takeaway and loved it so plan on visiting to do a full review.

Watch this SPACE.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/ZKevkaGX9SfuUFe79

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