New York Style Pizzeria in Dammam & Khobar – ‘BRNX Pizza’

I came across @brnx_pizza on TikTok and what caught my attention was the sheer size of the pizzas in that video. With the weekend already in full swing, @amitajk @nickyphil and I decided to have dinner at ‘BRNX Pizza’.

Styled to imitate a ‘New York Pizzeria’ (My only exposure to New York has been from Movies / TV shows) with memorabilia like subway signs and graffiti of the Statue of Liberty adorning the walls.

We got in line to place our order and decided to go for the biggest available pizza, the Deluxe XL for SR. 75. We had the option of going 50/50 and that is exactly what we did order.

‘The Godfather’ & ‘Harlem’.

The pizza is humungous and one large XL Deluxe Pizza can easily serve 3 people.

‘The Godfather’ was easily my favourite with the ricotta layered with pepperoni and beef sausage and topped with mushrooms and parmesan. The marinara sauce adds more flavour to an already flavourful pizza.

The ‘Harlem’ didn’t taste any different from the ‘Godfather’ and that is mostly to do with the use of the marinara sauce. I would perhaps get the ‘Chicken Alfredo’ to go with the other one.

We also ordered the ‘Mac N Cheese’ balls which lacked salt or could have worked better with a slightly saltier cheese. Loved the crunch and the side of herby tomato sauce though.


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