The Best Egyptian Restaurant in the Eastern Province – ‘Shajarat Al-Durr’ in Khobar

This is the best Egyptian Restaurant in Al-Khobar and if your Egyptian colleague or friend hasn’t recommended this place or invited you to dine at this restaurant, that person isn’t really your friend.

Located right opposite Almana Hospital in Khobar, ‘Shajarat Al-Durr’ @shajarat_aldurr is one of the finest Egyptian Restaurants in the Eastern Province both in terms of food and the seating space. 

With my limited experience of Egyptian food, we ordered,

  1. Ha ‘WOW’ Shi – SR. 20.70
  2. ‘Akawi’ – SR. 66.70
  3. ‘Special Mix Grills’ with Kebab, Kofta, Tarb & Ribs

Please note that the food served here is expensive but you wouldn’t really mind once you have tasted the food.

I know a good ‘Hawowshi’ when I eat one thanks to the countless times my good friend Salah has brought over some for me to eat. This though was slightly greasier but I felt it was much needed making this one hearty snack. The meat filling has so much flavour and the toasted bread compliments it so well. This is my idea of a perfect appetiser and I can’t recommend this dish enough.

The ‘Akawi’ is the Egyptian version of a pot roast but a hell of a lot more flavourful. Lamb is braised till tender along with delicious bits of fat that naturally flavours the stock and vegetables. Served with rice, this delicious stew like dish lends the rice its wonderful stocky goodness for a delicious bite. One bite and I forgot how expensive it actually was. 

The ‘Special Mix Grills’ with portions of Kofta, Kebab, Tarb and Ribs is very pricey for the portion that they serve but again, the kofta, ribs and tarb stole the show. The seasoning is on point and the flavours can really take you on a ride. Served with their in house bread, it took us minutes to wipe the plate clean.

Service is quick, the staff are friendly, they have plenty of seating and the food is phenomenal. That being said, it is expensive for the portions served. We thoroughly enjoyed it though and I would definitely visit @shajarat_aldurr again. 

Thank you @salahelmasry123 for the outstanding recommendation. 


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