Kerala and Indian Cuisine in Dammam – ‘Royal Malabar Restaurant’

It was thanks to @shareeka23 cravings for homemade food that we decided to visit ‘Royal Malabar” ( for dinner.

This was my first visit and had been on my list of restaurants to visit for quite some time.

The place was absolutely empty when we got there around 6pm and we took the opportunity to take our own sweet time to go through their extensive menu. 

From North Indian to South Indian food, these guys have it all covered but we decided we wanted to stick with our very own Kerala food. 

  1. ‘Kallumakaya Dry Fry’ – 30
  2. ‘Beef Varatiyathu’ – SR. 26
  3. ‘Avoli Polichathu’ – SR. 45
  4. ‘Porotta’ – SR. 2 each

The ‘Kallumakaya Dry Fry’ was overly fried and left the mussels quite dry and overcooked. I do not recommend ordering this dish here.

The ‘Beef Varatiyathu’ is value for money and a great combination to enjoy with Porotta. It could have done with a bit more flavour though but the beef was really tender.

The ‘Avoli Polichathu’ is a bit pricey but cooked really well. I love this fish and consider it to be the best fish to prepare ‘Polichathu’ with. The masala though could have been rendered better since you could taste the rawness of it.

Overall, good food and I must say the place is quite spacious though it would do better with better lighting. The staff are very friendly and I would like to thank Hirachand for the amazing service.


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