Nigerian / Sudanese Street Food in Khobar – ‘Western Grills for Suya’

What the Eastern Province lacks are restaurants serving food from different African nations and I don’t mean Egypt. This could be down to a lack of diversity or the lack of expatriates representing these nations.

That being said, I have had ‘Western Grills for Suya’ saved on @googlemaps for a while and I finally got to visit a few days ago.

The restaurant serves a mix of Nigerian / Sudanese food and a popular dish that the two nations share is called ‘Tsire’ or ‘Suya’. The menu is in Arabic and the staff working there can’t speak English either so it can be a little hard to understand.

We ordered,

1. Tsire – SR. 23
2. Tsire with Vegetables (Steamed) – SR. 25.50
3. Shih (Similar to Awsal) – SR. 23
4. Shih with Vegetables (Steamed) – SR. 25.50

‘Tsire’ is a barbecued meat dish and is usually marinated with peanuts and other spices giving it a very unique flavour. It makes for a great bite-sized snack and I love the subtle flavours this dish gives out.

Another version of this dish is ’Tsire with Vegetables’ which is Tsire cooked with vegetables by steaming it. This makes the meat slightly softer than the barbecued version.

‘Shih’ – A bit too salty

The ‘Shih’ was a bit too salty for my liking. This Awsal like dish didn’t stand out much in terms of flavour but what they served next was outstanding.

‘Shih with Vegetables’

The ‘Shih with Vegetables’ had been slightly charred, caramelising the meat and vegetables in the foil it came wrapped in. Combined with the spices and the bread roll, this tasty dish didn’t last very long. This would be my most recommended dish.

They don’t offer seating for families but don’t let that stop you from visiting the place.


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