‘Daikan Ramen’ – Flavoursome Japanese Ramen at Al Nakheel Mall, Dubai

Now, I am no expert when it comes to judging Ramen and with the limited amount of Ramen restaurants in Saudi Arabia, there was never really an opportunity. That being said, the few times I have ever tried have turned me into a fanboy of sorts and I do keep an eye out for restaurants that serve this amazing noodle soup dish.

‘Chef’s Special Ramen’

It was thanks to a post by @bedouinfoodie that I came across @daikanramen_ae and I decided to dine at their branch in the @depachika.ae food court at Nakheel Mall in Dubai.

The menu is quite simple and we decided to go for a few of their starters in addition to the ramen.

1. Chicken Katsu – AED 35
2. Karaage – AED 30
3. Chef’s Special Ramen – AED 65
4. Spicy Miso Ramen – AED 55

It is fun to watch them at work and it didn’t take long for the food to arrive.

They definitely got the ‘Chicken Katsu’ right thanks to their use of chicken thighs which tend to retain moisture better than breasts and I loved how flavourful the breaded crust was. The tonkatsu sauce adds a ton of flavour and you should have this when you visit.

The ‘Kaarage’ also uses chicken thighs but doesn’t match up to the Katsu in terms of flavour. What really enhances the taste is their use of sweet chilli kewpie mayo which you might quite easily finish before the chicken.

The ‘Chef’s Special Ramen’ comes packed with ingredients, some of which were quite unfamiliar. All that changed after a mouthful of one of the most delicious Ramen I have had to date. It is important to mix it all in since it helps enhance the broth. I loved the Chashu, kimchi and egg combination and by god, once the broth had absorbed all that goodness, it took me barely a few minutes to empty my bowl.

‘Spicy Miso Ramen’

The missus ordered the ‘Spicy Miso Ramen’ and even though it uses a similar base to what I had, it had a lot fewer ingredients. Nevertheless, this hearty ramen still packs a punch but could have been a bit spicier. Full points for churning up an amazing broth guys.

I can’t thank Hani (@bedouinfoodie) enough for the recommendation and if you plan on visiting Dubai in the near future, check out Hani’s Instagram account.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/p3ERzPXa18PXzCUJA

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