Trying ‘Yemeni Haneeth’ in Dubai – ‘Tibba Restaurant for Mandi & Madhbi’

Something that I haven’t had the good fortune of finding in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia has been ‘Yemeni Haneeth’. This spice-crusted, slow-roasted meat and rice dish is quite unique in the way it’s prepared and if you haven’t tried it yet, this post should help you decide.

Located right opposite Deira City Center, it was my best friend @vithulsc who recommended ‘Tibba’ for us to dine at. It is recommended to call and book in advance since they almost always run out of their house special ‘Lamb Rib Haneeth’.

‘Lamb Rib Haneeth’ (Rib Haniz on the menu) – AED 68.25

Thank god we booked in advance or else I would have missed out on a stellar meal. Roasted to perfection, the skin is covered in a delicious spice rub leaving it crusty and packed with flavour. The meat underneath is succulent and mashing this combination with rice can take you to heaven and back. I do love my Mandi but this was on another level.

We also ordered a portion of ‘Shish Tawouk’ (AED 26.25) which was quite nice but I would rather order another ‘Rib Haneeth’.

Check this place and thank you @vithulsc for the treat. @shareeka23 and I absolutely loved it.


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