Bargain BBQ in Safwa, Qatif – ‘Tekka Tatbeelah’

With the cost of dining out turning into an expensive affair over the last few years, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about a restaurant that still served grilled meats by the skewer @ SR. 3.50 inc VAT and I knew I had to give this place a try. Located between Qatif and Rastanura, Safwa is a quiet little town with a handful of shops and barely any restaurants.

‘Tekka Tatbeelah’ @tekka_tatbeelah serves its grills by the skewer and you are handed a little slip where you tick off your order and hand it over to the waiter. We went ahead and ordered a bit of everything.

1. Meat Awsal
2. Meat Awsal with Black Lime
3. Sheesh Tawouk
4. Chicken Wings
5. Meat Kebab
6. Chicken Kebab
7. Grilled Tarb
8. Kofta with Cheese (Priced differently)

Each of these items offers something exciting for your palate to savour and enjoy, with the Chicken Wings, Kebabs and Tarb being on top of my recommended items to order. The chicken wings were my favourite of the lot, seasoned and charred perfectly with the portly tarb and kebabs coming a close 2nd and 3rd.

The Awsal too packs a lot of flavours and the Awsal with Black Lime even more, with the only issue being the latter is slightly chewy. I did mention this to them and they informed me that they can’t cook the Awsal for longer without charring the black lime marinade. It is still quite palatable and packs a tangy punch.

The Kofta’s (Beef & Chicken) too were spot on with each of them offering a cheesy filling. The cheese is subtle but lends its saltiness to the meat giving it even more flavour. The Kofta is juicy and slightly greasy at the same time but who cares when you have a cheese filling heh?

If you are travelling as part of their group then it would be best to order their ‘Gathering Meal’ (SR. 115 inc VAT)

They don’t have a separate section for families and I wasn’t a huge fan of their stuffed pigeon. Stick with the grilled meats and you won’t be disappointed.


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