Stunning Sea View Breakfast at Khobar Corniche – ‘Oriya’

Oriya has been on my list of restaurants to visit for the longest time and there is a reason why this place is quite popular with the younger generation. With views of the sea and distant Bahrain, dining at this lovely restaurant in Khobar is an experience worth exploring.

Located in ‘Crystal Hall’ on south corniche road, offers its diners breakfast, lunch and dinner with a remarkable view that you will need to reserve the seaside tables via the EAT app. They open for service at 8 am and we decided to visit during breakfast hours.

The staff are cordial and it didn’t take us long to decide on our order.


1. ‘American Breakfast’ – SR. 67
2. ‘Poached Eggs with Avocado & Hummus’ – SR. 52
3. ‘Chicken Pesto Sandwich’ – SR. 52

The ‘American Breakfast’ is a decent portion offering a taste of everything from pancakes, eggs, sausages and fruits. The pancake was light and fluffy and the sausages helped cut down the sweetness of the syrup. The eggs were tiny but well done with the fruits helping with the daily recommended quota of fruits and veggies.

The ‘Poached Eggs with Avocado & Hummus’ were my favourite with perfectly poached eggs served atop a bed of avocado on sourdough and the hummus adding a bit of tanginess. Mixing these together made for the perfect bite and at the end of it all, it felt quite light on the stomach too.

I’m a huge fan of pesto and when the waiter recommended I give their ‘Chicken Pesto Sandwich’ a try, I did not hesitate. I loved how well the cheese had merged with the toast and chicken making for a delectable crunch. The pesto is subtle and the cheese compliments it well. I would definitely recommend giving this a go.

Thank you so much for the complimentary ‘Granola’. The greek yoghurt helps bind the granola, nuts and fresh fruits together making for one delicious bite. If I wasn’t too full, I would have ordered another one.


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