Pakistani Food in Dammam Seiko – ‘Al Waqas Restaurant’

In my quest to find some of Eastern Province’s most underrated restaurants, my colleagues have delivered yet again and this time it’s a Pakistani restaurant close to Dammam Seiko area. 

I was told I should visit ‘Al Waqas Restaurant’ and try their special ‘Tawa Keema’ which is exactly what we did on Thursday afternoon with the colleagues that recommended this place. 

We ordered,

  1. ‘Tawa Keema’ – SR. 16
  2. ‘Mutton Kadai’ – SR. 40 (1 1/2 KG) 
‘Tawa Keema’

The ‘Keema’ is made fresh to order and it delivers a ton of flavour and a little heat. What gives it it’s unique flavour is the Tawa that’s used to cook it in and I love how that helps render the spices beautifully. 

‘Mutton Kadai’

The ‘Mutton Kadai’ delivers too with its tender cuts of meat and rich gravy. It has the right amount of heat but can be a little oily. This too is prepped on the Tawa and the bread they serve here is the perfect accompaniment to this dish. 

It can get busy around noon so plan your visit accordingly. 


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