Saudi’s 1st Ramen Noodle Shop? – ‘Yasumi Ramen’ in Dhahran

I found it hard to contain my excitement when I came across ‘Yasumi Ramen’ while shopping at the Tamimi in Dhahran and immediately made plans to visit over the weekend. 

‘Chicken Gyoza’

I was joined by the wifey @shareeka23 and @ancel_bernard. We couldn’t find seating right away and had to wait a good half hour before they called us to take our seats. 

The menu is pretty straightforward and features just 4 Ramen to choose from, a few starters and Donburi Rice Bowls.

We ordered,

  1. ‘Classic Shoyu Ramen’ – SR. 65
  2. ‘Afuri Yuzu Ramen’ – SR. 48
  3. ‘Ichiraku Ramen’ – SR. 56
  4. ‘Chicken Gyoza’ – SR. 34
  5. ‘Shrimp Tempura’ – SR. 54

The ‘Classic Shoyu Ramen’ is the most expensive Ramen of the lot and comes with a dashi and soy sauce broth and tender beef chashu. The bamboo shoots add its unique flavour to the broth and the thin noodles are ideal since it soaks it all up well. The seasoned egg adds much-needed depth and make sure to break that yolk into the broth for that extra flavour. 

The ‘Afuri Yuzu Ramen’ was definitely the best and use the Dashi broth with a yuzu base. This comes with chicken Chashu, bamboo shoots but with thicker noodles. Though visually similar to the Classic Ramen, this tastes way better and offers great value at SR. 48.

The ‘Ichiraku Ramen’ was a disappointment. Something didn’t feel right and this too has similarities to the classic ramen, though doesn’t taste as good. I wouldn’t recommend ordering this.

Both the starters are expensive for the quantity they serve but out of the two I would recommend the ‘Chicken Gyoza’. Though the Tempura was crispy and mouthwatering, it is quite expensive.

Have you tried this place out yet?



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