A ‘Hole in the Wall’ Grill Shop in Dammam – ‘Tikka O Reyash’

It was a message from @bedouinfoodie that brought my attention to a restaurant in Dammam called @tikka_o_reyash. This was my second attempt at visiting this place since they weren’t open the last time I tried.

Located right next to Prince Abdulmohsin Bin Jalawi Park, this tiny eatery does not have a separate dine in section for families and the existing setup is ideal. The menu is in arabic so keep Google Translate handy.

We ordered,

1. ‘Shish Tawouk’ – SR. 27
2. ‘Lemon Awsal’ – SR. 29
3. ‘Lamb Chops’ – SR. 42

The ‘Shish Tawouk’ was quite unique in terms of flavour and I believe it could be the use of black lemon that lends both it’s colour and taste to the chicken. It’s cooked quite well but the price is slightly steep.

The ‘Lemon Awsal’ too has that unique flavour and though the meat is slightly on the tougher side, it makes sense not to overcook it for fear of it going bitter. I made sure to roll the pieces of awsal in my mouth to really enjoy that marinade.

The best item of the lot had to be the super pricey ‘Lamb Chops’ aka Reyash at SR. 42 for 4 pieces. The meat is tender and requires no effort unless the meat turns cold so don’t waste time taking pictures like me.

Great experience overall, though the price hike is taking a toll on my savings.

Location: https://g.page/tikkaOreyash?share

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