A Beer Garden & Brewery in Bengaluru – ‘GEIST’ OMR

There is no shortage of breweries and good beer in Bengaluru and one of the more popular ones in town is ‘Geist Brewing Co’ on Old Madras Road.

“Offering a range of craft beer to choose from, there is something for everybody here and if you thought it was only Beer that they sold here, wait until you have tried the food. “

Their branch in Hoskote is where their brewery was initially setup and this is where they setup their first Beer garden. The whole place feels like a farmhouse with a well setup seating area nestled under a huge Banyan tree. We settled down and got to the serious business of beer tasting and eating.

We chose 5 of their craft beers and these come served in tiny beer glasses so chances of getting intoxicated on these are quite low.

P.S. – My beer ratings are based on personal taste and could be a completely different experience for the next person.

1. ‘Kamacitra’American style IPA with a hint of bitterness.  2.5/5
2. ‘Weiss Guy’ – South German Style Wheat Beer with hints of Banana – 3.5/5
3. ‘Witty Wit’This German style Witbier reminded me of Hoegarden, but much better. 4.5/5
4. ‘Rauch-A-Fella’A smoked Wheat Beer that tasted like it had bacon. Could be a bit more subtle. 3/5
5. ‘Uncle Dunkel’Bavarian Style Dark Wheat Beer had some great aroma and I swear I tasted some chocolate. This would be great in cold weather. 4/5

I ended up with ‘Witty Wit’ since that felt perfect for the weather and tasted familiar. This beer had the subtlest hints of orange and coriander and ended up being a great combo with the food.

The menu is quite extensive and has everything ranging from Pork to Beef dishes, Pastas & Pizzas and those who know me well enough know that I always order pork. 

1. ‘Pepper Pork Belly’ – ₹495
2. ‘Stir Fry Mushroom & Bok Choy’ with ‘Soy Ginger Pork Belly’ – 
3. ‘Buff Bone Marrow’ – 
4. ‘Thai Curry Chicken’ – 
5. ‘Pasta Alfredo’- 
6. ‘Peri Peri Chicken Pizza’ – 
7. ‘Mutton Keema Pav’ – 

‘Tender Cuts of Pork Belly’

The ‘Pepper Pork Belly’ was outstanding. The pepper sauce and crispy garlic chips compliments the braised and roasted pork belly. The combination of Pork belly fat and pepper sauce would make a great combo with some rice. 

I also ordered the ‘Stir Fry Mushroom & Bok Choy with Soy Ginger Pork Belly’ as my main course and this comes served with some rice. Hearty and comforting at the same time, the pork is tender and packed with flavour.

‘Buff Bone Marrow’ – I would let this sit in the Oven a tad bit longer.

The ‘Buff Bone Marrow’ was a bit of a disappointment. The marrow was definitely underdone and though the seasoning was perfect, we ended up putting this dish aside. It definitely needs more time in the oven.

I loved the ‘Green Thai Curry’ and though not as authentic as the ones I have had in Thailand, I love how creamy and filling this curry was. The chicken had absorbed the curry quite well and you could easily taste the lemongrass. This too comes served with a bowl of rice and you can choose to have prawns instead for an extra ₹100. 

‘Peri Peri Chicken Pizza’

I only had a slice of the Pizza and did not think much of it. It could have been better and the base felt slightly soggy. 

‘Mutton Keema Pav’ – Perfectly seasoned snack

The ‘Mutton Keema Pav’ is a great snack if you are looking for something light. This perfectly spiced and seasoned snack pairs really well with the beers. 

I visited ‘Geist’ over 2 days and I must say this is definitely a great spot to chill out with friends and family. This is also a pet friendly establishment so if you know someone who has pets then recommending ‘Geist’ would be a fabulous idea.

Geist Brewing Co. OMR
+91 88677 07102

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