Cheesy Steaks & Cheap Grills in Dammam / Safwa – ‘ASIAKH’

Don’t like the idea of driving all the way to Qatif to try Cheesy Steaks and Cheap Grills? Then ‘Asiakh‘ in Dammam would be a decent spot to start.

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This place came recommended by quite a few people and it was only fair that I give it a go. Located within walking distance of Dammam Railway station, Asyakh has an extensive menu with the highlight being the GRILLS.

We were quite hungry and ended up ordering quite a bit of food.

1. ‘1 KG Mix Grill’ (20 Seekhs) – SR. 92
2. ‘Spicy Meat Special’ – SR. 35

At SR. 92, the ‘1 KG Mix Grill’ is fantastic value for money and can be customized to your liking. We chose a mix that included Awsal, Seekhs (Chicken & Meat) & Wings. I can tell you that it is spicy and flavour packed but I do have one complaints. Most of the grills were quite dry except for the Awsal so this is something they need to watch out for. Flavourwise this is a winner so to compensate for the dryness; I would recommend ordering some Thoum. 

The ‘Spicy Meat Special’ is quite special indeed. This huge meat patty is spicy, beautifully grilled and stuffed with cheese. Cutting into this draws out the cheese and I would recommend having this as soon as they serve it because once it cools down, the meat turns slightly tough. Love how the cheese and spicy meat combination works and this is something worth trying here. They also have the non-spicy variant with chicken. 

I still prefer dining out at Grill shops in Qatif since this place isn’t good enough but if you aren’t too keen on driving that far, then this is the place for you.

Location: Asyakh
054 544 9604

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