I’m what you would call a ‘Nomad’ and my current stint living in Saudi Arabia is the longest I’ve stayed in one place. I’m someone who hasn’t had the time to establish his roots in one particular country, moving around in search of better opportunities and at the same time being exposed to different cultures and their cuisine.

Food has always fascinated me and coming from a south Indian household, I surprisingly had a penchant for trying out new fares that were outside most people’s comfort zone. I have lived in London, Dubai and Saudi Arabia for a number of years and travelled to Thailand a few times purely to satisfy my obsession with Thai food.

I have also travelled to the Philippines, Netherlands and Mauritius learning a bit more about food and how it brings people together. I am a mere fledgling when it comes to food and culture but I certainly won’t remain one for long.

I live by the motto ‘Exploring Culture through Food’.

My reviews have been featured on Saudi Tourism website ‘Visit Saudi‘, ‘Destination KSA Magazine‘ & ‘Weekender Bahrain Newspaper

Check out my Eastern Province Vlogs in this playlist on YouTube

I am currently based in the city of Dammam and review local eateries in Khobar, Dammam & Qatif but I have also travelled to the bigger cities of Riyadh & Jeddah. If you plan on visiting the kingdom and happen to visit the Eastern Province, don’t be afraid to hit me up!

You can find me on other social media platforms by following this link, https://linktr.ee/foodwithshayne
If you would like to invite me for a restaurant review or join you on your food vlog, kindly please use the contact form below and I will get back to you.

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