The Best of Mughal Cuisine at ‘Karim’s’ – Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

Karim’s Hotel or Karim’s is a historic restaurant located near Jama Masjid, Gali Kababian, Old Delhi, Delhi, India. Established in 1913, the restaurant has been described as “synonymous with this area” (Old Delhi) and “arguably the city’s most famous culinary destination”.[2] – ‘Wikipedia’


I finally had the opportunity to visit Karim’s after hearing so much about the restaurant that has been in existence since 1913.

Going through the reviews, we ordered the below items off the menu.


1. Mutton Biriyani – The rice wasn’t much to my liking but it was well flavoured with saffron and rose water. In addition there was also mild spices to compliment the chunk of mutton that came with it. Overall a 5/10 for this dish.

‘Mutton Korma’

2. Mutton Korma – Now this took me to another dimension altogether. Beautiful cooked meat in a thick spicy gravy that had no onions in it. It had to be cooked for at least a few hours to get that sort of consistency and the meat fell off the bone. This dish deserve a 9/10.


3. Mutton Burra – This was a mutton dish that tasted quite like Bihari Kebab but with lesser spices than the latter. The meat could have been cooked in the tandoor a bit longer. The meat was a lil’ chewy but delicious nevertheless. A 7.5/10 for this.

‘Chicken Seekh Kebabs’
‘Mutton Seekh Kebabs’

4. Mutton and Chicken Seekh Kebabs – Both these blew me over with way they were marinated and cooked. I have no clue as to what were in them, and i do not care coz this was absolutely delicious.  10/10.

‘Chicken Jehangir’

5. Chicken Jehangir – A slow cooked chicken curry with super soft chicken. Great gravy and goes well with the in house naan. 8/10.

A must visit for all those who have been looking to experience Mughlai cuisine. This is where it all began.

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